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7 Perks to Using a Personal Trainer

Maybe the idea of going to the gym means entering uncharted territory. Maybe the idea of a personal trainer yelling until you collapse from too many push ups scares you from hiring a trainer.

Hiring a personal trainer is something that should be carefully considered because of the benefits they provide. Whether you need some extra motivation to get your beach body, or just want some extra attention to learn how to exercise properly, a personal trainer is the expert on reaching these goals.  They are working towards your success alongside with you, helping you reach every goal along the way.

Let’s look at the ways a personal trainer is a beneficial and worthwhile investment for your body and your health.

1. Accountability Buddy

It can be easy to sign up for a gym membership with the best of intentions, but then after a few days of working out, you take a break, and getting back into a routine is challenging.  A personal trainer will help hold you accountable for your workout plan and encourage you to stick to your routine.  

Personal trainers will be the extra push and motivation you need to run another mile or complete another set of pull-ups.  They hold you accountable for your fitness goals and won’t let you settle for less, because they want you to succeed! Think of them as your own personal cheerleader at the gym.

Having a personal training session set up and paid for can be enough motivation to keep you on a schedule that allows you to reach your personal fitness goals.  It is the personal trainer’s job to keep you motivated between each session so you stay on track and have a better chance of being successful.

2. Personalized Workouts

Because a personal training session is all about you, your trainer will help you with your own specific goals.  Whether you are training for a marathon, wanting to lose weight before your wedding, or improve your health, personal trainers create workout plans tailored to your body and your goals.  

The hardest part of being successful in your own workout endeavors can be knowing what exercises suit your needs. A personal trainer knows what will work for your body and develop a plan to reach your successes and fitness goals.  Personalized workouts are created for your body, not some generic model.  

3. Maximize Your Time

Hiring a personal trainer is the best way to make the most out of your time at the gym.  Going to the gym for an hour and casually doing low-impact cardio and a few crunches won’t help you reach your goals anytime soon.  

Personal trainers know how to plan a workout that includes proper warmup and cool down times, while maximizing your body’s performance in the allotted amount of time.  

A focused workout tailored for your own fitness goals are designed around your schedule and routine in order to provide the most efficient and effective workout with your trainer.  A workout with your trainer can burn the same amount of calories in half the time as if you tried to work out on your own!

4. Technique

One of the most important skills a personal trainer can help you develop during your sessions is proper technique.  If exercises are performed incorrectly or without the correct posture or hand placement, you could harm yourself, or even others working out nearby.  

Personal trainers know how to teach proper workouts and how posture can improve the results of each exercise while being safe.  Depending on your specific fitness goals and what you want to achieve, a trainer will be able to design your workouts to target specific body parts.  If you were to try some of those exercises without the help of a trainer, you may not be be maximizing the effects of the workout, or not working the right muscles that are meant for the workout.  


Posture and technique is critical to your safety in the gym as well as critical to your safety in the gym.  Some workouts can actually hurt you more than help you if you don’t follow a trainer’s advice and rules for equipment.  

5. Support

Walking into a gym can often be scary because of everyone else in the gym.  If you are a beginner, you may feel like you don’t belong because you aren’t in shape or can’t lift weights.  It’s very important to your success that you have the proper support needed.  

A personal trainer offers non-judgmental support for you and supports all of your fitness goals.  For a beginner, this can offer comfort in knowing that you have someone to help you and be there to provide consistent support along your journey.  Many times, just a friendly face at the gym can be enough support you need to feel like you’re in the right place.  

The best part of a personal trainer is that they are supportive and celebrate all of your successes – big or small.  Sometimes we can’t see results, but they can tell you’re making progress. Having someone vocalize that you’re making progress and one step closer to your goal is a great reason to use a personal trainer.

6. Nutrition

Personal trainers aren’t only good for providing personal and specialized workout plans.  A large part of their training and job is to stay on top of the most current workout trends, diets, and nutrition information. It’s nearly impossible for a regular person to keep up with all the new information that comes out on a daily basis.  

Trainers will use your fitness goals, along with their education and experience to provide supplemental nutrition plans and tips that will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. In order to reach your goals, working out regularly won’t do the trick.

A complete lifestyle change might be necessary in order to build muscle mass, lose weight, or tone your body.  Certain foods and diets can help you reach your goals faster, while staying healthy and getting all the nutrients your body needs to thrive.  

7. Results

This has been mentioned throughout the entire blog.  Personal trainers are experts in getting results.  It is their job to help you be successful, so they will offer their expertise, experiences, and knowledge of the human body in order to help you reach your fitness goals.  

Using a personal trainer almost guarantees results because they hold you accountable, design plans specifically for you, and work with you every step of your way.  With their constant support and care, you will reach your goals faster and feel more confident about yourself.  

A personal trainer will help you recognize your results and help you overcome the barriers that are holding you back. Many times, you will end up reaching successes you never thought were possible!

It’s through your results that a personal trainer helps to motivate you and hold you accountable for your workout plan.  Having a personal trainer is a learning experience and will teach you exercises that you can continue to use even after your relationship with the trainer has ended.  It’s their goal to help you live a healthier life and provide you with the tools you need to make that happen!

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