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Working Out Without Equipment: Bodyweight Training

Going to the gym and using all the fancy equipment can feel great and be a fun way to spice up your workout routine. Attending the new trendy hot yoga or spin class can be a fun way to workout in groups and with friends . But we have been equipped with a tool that we can use to exercise anywhere, anytime: our own bodies.

Bodyweight training not only builds strength and endurance, but when it’s done right, you can burn through some serious calories! By combining cardio and muscular workouts, bodyweight training demands more coordination and stability than using equipment.

By engaging multiple joints and muscles (these exercises are called compound exercises), bodyweight training combines muscular and neurological stimulation, making your body essentially  more functional! Not many workouts can claim to workout your brain, too.woman-bodyweight-leg-lift

There are lots of ways bodyweight training can increase your physical gains, as well as other benefits that will have you starting a bodyweight fitness routine. Let’s take a look.

1. Convenience

You don’t need weights for these exercises – all you need is your body. This means you can work out anywhere, anytime. By eliminating the need for weights and equipment, you can work out on-the-go: hotel rooms, your house, and outdoors – while requiring very little space. Some bodyweight exercises can be intensified by using common household items like chairs or steps.

2. Inexpensive

You won’t need to buy the latest-and-greatest of hand weights, kettlebells, or bench press to accomplish the same results. Weights can add some benefits, but you’ll burn the same amount of calories and sweat just as much as if you were at the gym! You’ll be saving a ton by cancelling your gym membership. This is free!

3. Less Injury

Not getting hurt is always a benefit. Often, people at the gym will injure themselves by misusing equipment or trying to lift weights that are too heavy for them. Eliminate some of the risk of injury by staying off the equipment. Many bodyweight exercises and movements can even be a good form of rehabilitation, even if you have a serious impairment!  

4. Builds Core Strength

The human “core” is much more than just your abs. Many bodyweight movements engage all 29 core muscles. Building these muscles will improve your posture and overall athletic performance! Gaining core strength will help all your bodyweight training endeavors and will help muscular development in the rest of your body. (See below #6)woman-bodyweight-lunge

5. It’s for Everyone

Whether you are just beginning or you’re a seasoned trainer, there are bodyweight exercises for everyone! The exercises are easily modified for all levels of training, and the progress is easy to measure since extra repetitions and ways to do more each day are possible. There’s no need for equipment, so if you don’t have weights or exercise equipment, you can still perform each exercise with ease. It’s the perfect workout for anyone!

6. Measurable Results

Because bodyweight exercises use multiple joints and muscles at the same time, you will see greater results than if you were to use gym equipment that focuses on only one muscle or body part.  These types of compound exercises are extremely effective for strength building and increasing core strength. Research shows that increasing core strength through bodyweight training translates into full-body strength building.

Whether you are a personal trainer or looking to get in shape, bodyweight exercises are easy to fit into your schedule and easy to perform on-the-go. Summer vacation is no longer a good excuse for getting off track and falling behind in your fitness goals and routine! No gym time, more efficient (and better!) results. Can’t beat a workout that good!

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