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Baltimore, MD (May 10, 2017) – Today, gymGO, an innovative online and mobile personal training platform, announced its official launch and is now available to consumers and trainers nationwide. Redefining personal training with convenience and affordability, gymGO provides users with an interactive and engaging fitness experience. The platform leverages two-way video livestreaming and the easy integration of wearable devices to create a virtual fitness journey for users. gymGO’s mission is to provide consumers with the ability to find a trainer and workout anywhere to achieve personal health and fitness goals on their own terms. The company aims to overcome the fitness and personal training barriers that so many consumers face, while retaining the benefits of in-person instruction, including real-time feedback, performance accuracy, accountability, and motivation.

gymGO is led by Donavan Cox, professional trainer with over 25 years of experience in the industry, who recognized the need for more affordable accessible personal training options for consumers.

“Fitness tools are something that everyone should have access to, no matter location or economic situation, which is where the idea of gymGO started. I wanted to bring personal training to all people, to encourage healthy lifestyles. I created a technology platform that reflected my true passion for fitness. A product that provides convenience, affordability and true accountability to a nation that needs it desperately. Real training, real results, in real-time” — Donavan Cox, Co-Founder, gymGO

To solidify their position in the marketplace, gymGO launches with several business initiatives to expand and increase health across the country, including a partnership with renowned A-list celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson.

 “gymGO is results-based for the clients—and yet the trainers win, too. It helps address the needs of people who are trying to better themselves, yet struggle with schedules and costs. And it’s connecting trainers to more people every day, helping to build a greater audience for their workouts and approaches like never before. I want to be a part of that.” —  Gunnar Peterson, celebrity trainer.

Other business initiatives include an exclusive training partnership with IDEA Fitness Connect, holistic health companies, such as Nava Health, and corporate wellness clients, like CBIZ. These collaborations further enable consumers to reach their fitness goals outside of a traditional gym or fitness class setting.

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gymGO’s mission is to provide an interactive fitness experience through its revolutionary online platform. Delivering affordable personal training via live, two-way video streaming, gymGO’s platform lets trainers and clients connect and work out together when most convenient. It’s health and fitness on your terms. For more information visit

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