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gymGO’s Trainer Spotlight: Heather Simpson

In case you’re wondering, gymGO is a cut above the rest and so are our trainers! gymGO is a 2-way, LIVE, personal training platform. It allows you to train at your convenience, for an affordable price—no gym necessary.

Recently, we caught up with Heather Simpson, an ACE certified group fitness instructor and NSCA certified person trainer, with over 20 years of experience. Check out what Heather had to say about being a personal trainer on gymGO, her most memorable moments as a personal trainer and cheat meals!

Heather Simpson, ACE, NSCA CPT

We asked:

What is your favorite part about being a personal trainer/yoga instructor on gymGO?

“There are lots of reasons why I like gymGO and it would be hard to pick just one. A few that come to mind right off the bat are… I love that it is allowing me the opportunity to re-connect with people in areas where I have lived/worked prior to where I live now.  I am also thrilled that it is giving me the opportunity to work year round with clients who are seasonal residents in my community as well as reach people who may not be able to make it to the gym on a regular basis. I also like that it is enabling me to meet NEW people!! I love what I do and supporting people on their health and fitness journey is what warms my heart on a daily basis.”

Tell us about one of the most memorable and impactful moments you’ve had during your career as a personal trainer.

“That’s a tough one. It doesn’t take much to make an impact on me. It’s the little things like a client being excited about fitting into a smaller sized dress or the look on one’s face when she completes her first 5K or, working with a “tween” and seeing her self-confidence/body image improve over time. Ultimately, it’s the times that a client comes to you and says, “Because of you, I didn’t quit and I reached my goal.” Those are the times that you realize that what you do makes a difference.”

 If you were going to have a cheat meal right now, what would it be?

“Haha… well, I believe everything in moderation is acceptable but I also believe you can’t exercise a bad diet. I can tell a difference when I am making smart food choices: I sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed, have more energy for workouts and tend to have a better attitude. With that being said, I won’t deny that pizza and I have a long standing relationship. And, I do have the occasional craving for a good burger.  Regardless, dessert is always what I go for when I’m “cheating”. I LOVE Dessert! Mostly chocolate but it has to be decadent. I won’t cheat with just any dessert. It has to be worth it! It needs to be rich, homemade have some texture to it…. Yummm, I’m drooling as we speak.” (And so are we!)

 How do you balance staying fit with the demands of everyday life?

“I have experienced many stages of staying fit. There were times when it seemed to monopolize my thinking and other times when it just happened and I was content. Through those experiences, I learned not to stress about it. Motivation is the underlying component. People often think that because I am a fitness professional that I want to spend my free time exercising. Not true. I like to be active but it doesn’t mean I want to be in a gym or doing an “organized” workout during my free time. I figured out that if I train for a specific event, it helps keep me motivated. I pick an event and then I plan my workouts to help me perform well in that event. Most of the time, I have clients that are also training for that event which keeps me on my toes. Once I have a workout plan, I schedule my workouts the same way I would an appointment with a client. Letting it happen on it’s own doesn’t work. If it is a priority, schedule it in. Each person has to decide for themselves how important their health & wellness goals are and prioritize accordingly.”

Share any random fact about yourself.

“If I could splurge and pay for a daily/weekly service, it would be to have a personal chef who did all my shopping and food prep! I know that eating well comes with planning & preparation so I do it but I don’t enjoy it. I love stand up paddle-boarding.”

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