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Q & A––Gunnar Peterson Talks Personal Training & the Future of the Industry

Gunnar Peterson, our Chief Training Officer, shares the “whys” and “hows” of training success—plus a few little secrets along the way. A must read for gymGO clients and trainers alike.

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Just for fun:

Q: Are you an early bird or a night owl?

       A: VERY early bird!

Q: What’s your favorite cheat meal/snack?

       A: Frozen yogurt with peanut butter cups––LOTS OF THEM!

Q: If you had to choose a walkout song, what would it be?

       A: Homegrown by Zac Brown Band


Just for fitness:

Q: It’s no secret that you’re a successful personal trainer––you’ve built a huge following and client base filled with A-list celebs, athletes, and everyday people. What has driven that success and kept you so passionate to continue doing this day in and day out?

       A: I love watching people get it! Watching someone catch the exercise fever; having a front-row seat to their mental and physical transition fires me up.

Q: Looking back on your experience as a trainer, particularly the early stages of your career, what would you say are the main obstacles for trainers trying to grow their business? What advice would you give to trainers to overcome them?

       A: I think a big obstacle is alternating between modalities. That’s all well and good for your own fitness, but people who train with you like to have something they can count on. Spicing it up or throwing a curveball from time to time is great, but if you normally do cardio intensive workouts with clients, and then one random Thursday you serve up a powerlifting program, you may lose a few people.

My advice: Keep studying. Keep growing in every way. Stay in shape––people like their trainers to be fit, that’s just the way it is. Don’t get so caught up in the business side of it that you lose the passion for the training. If the passion fades, the business will fade fast right behind it.

Q: We’ve heard a lot of trainers use a favorite phrase or two to motivate clients through their workouts. What’s your go-to?

       A: Hmmm… I don’t really think of it as a go-to, but I guess I say ‘Bring it home!’ at least a couple of times a day.

Q: You’ve been a personal trainer for more than 25 years now. Throughout that time, how have you seen technology change the personal training industry?

       A: Of course! Some of the stuff that’s out there is terrific and exactly what some people need to get on track and stay on track. Take wearables for example; I love them––they’re great for newbies and pros alike. Just make sure you don’t get the ‘paralysis through analysis’ syndrome when breaking down all the feedback and have that eat into your workout time.

I’ve also really seen networking change the business. There are so many ways to get in the game nowadays, you would be silly to remain on the sidelines if you are serious about it.

Q: So many people today are focused on instant gratification and constant connectivity; there’s been a huge shift from in-person personal training solutions to online solutions like on-demand workout videos that promise a quick fix “in less than 10 minutes a day”. What advice do you have for people who may be tempted by these options over personal training?

       A: If being in shape were easy, everyone would be in shape. Water takes the easiest way downhill. The average person just lets their health/fitness/physique happen to them. YOU can’t do that. Take charge. Make decisions. And do the work you KNOW you have to do. As a former fat kid, I can tell you that it is worth it every single day.

Q: Trainers are always looking for new “tools” of the trade––whether it be a new way to track workouts/meals, or a new piece of training equipment. As a successful personal trainer, what do you look for in a new fitness training product or technology? What about gymGO stood out to you most?

       A: The fact that ANYONE can use it, anywhere, anytime, made gymGO stand out to me. Time constraints can kill the best-laid fitness plans and gymGO handles that from the first workout. The variety of training approaches is brilliant. The quality of the trainers is top tier which really impressed me.

And especially for trainers, being able to see your clients and cue them in real time puts gymGO way ahead of other apps. It’s way more effective while they are training than telling them later in an email that they needed to keep their back flat during those rows!

Q: Last question. If you could train or work out with one person in the world (past or present), who would it be and why?

       A: Jack LaLanne. Because he was the original “The Man”.

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